Top Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Sink in small bathroom

Do not let having a small bathroom get you down. There are plenty of ways that you can design it so that it will look fabulous, and even save you some floor space. Here are some top small bathroom design ideas that you can try out courtesy of WA Assett.

Sliding Shower Door

A shower door that opens outwards or inwards will carry a lot more space than necessary. Instead, try a sliding door. This will save you so much more space and you will not end up hitting things while opening or closing the door. Make sure that you have a good contractor so that the pockets of the sliding door are made professionally. They should not hold any water and should be made from water-resistant material.

Open Shelving

If you do not have any space to put shelves, then try an open shelving method. You can place an old wine-rack in the bathroom and use it to hold towels. You can also have an old ladder painted over with beautiful colors that match your bathroom walls then use the steps as shelves. Old crates are also good for this. You will have more space to store towels, robes or any other items and you can save a lot of space in your bathroom.

Plain Wall Tiles And Eccentric Floor Tiles

Having wall tiles that have numerous patterns or bold colours will make your bathroom look caved in. To prevent this, choose wall tiles that have plain soft colours or neutral colours. To compensate for the plain walls, have dotted tiles on your bathroom floor, or tiles with flower designs. They will make the floor pop out and prevent the rest of the bathroom from looking dull.

Floating Storage Jars

Make use of old jars by putting them in the bathroom so that you can use them to store small items. Drill nails on a wooden panel so that you can use them to hang the jars. Do not place too many of them. These should be ideal to hold items that would otherwise have overcrowded the sink.

Consider One Long Sink

It is much better to have a trough sink rather than two sinks. Two sinks will make the whole area look crowded. Opt for one long oval sink, oval so that there can be enough space to place any toiletries that you use on a daily basis. If you do not like the idea of a long sink, then a normal-sized one should suffice, as long as it is only one.

Place Hanging Bars In Place Of Cabinets

Hanging bars will save you the need for cabinets. Since you cannot place some items on the bars, consider a small shelf above the tub or the sink to place any other things such as shampoo. The hanging bars will be efficient because you can hang towels or bathrobes there.

Mirrored Cabinet Doors

A mirror creates an extension of the room and fools the eye into thinking any space is larger. Cabinets above the sink will be the best to design in this manner.