6 things To Do To Make Your Long-Term Hotel Stay Feel More Like Home

If you travel and stay in hotels often and for long periods of time, this post is for you. Whether it is for work or a temporary stay while waiting for a new house or home improvements to be completed, long hotel stays can become a drag quickly. To make your long-term stay at a hotel more bearable, try these suggestions.

Stick to your daily schedule. If you are on a business trip, try and still work in your daily run or exercise, keep your eating habits, and your downtime activities. Business trips can complicate things, but try and stick to a routine as much as you can. If your whole family is staying in the hotel, a schedule is extremely important. Bed times, homework times, etc. should be kept to create a sense of home.

Hand out chores. This is more for a whole family stay. Despite the daily room cleaning service and not having a kitchen to clean, there will still be chores to complete. Everyone should know the rules for keeping their space clean and not allowing glasses, mugs, etc. to just lay around everywhere. There should still be chores.

Research the services you will need. Before leaving to stay at the hotel, do some research to find out where all the services and amenities will be that you and your family will need. If you are going on a long-term business trip, you may want to know where the closest gym, hairdresser, or tailor can be found. For your family, you would find out about schools, parks, and music teachers.

Play music in your room. Play your favorite tunes to create ambiance and a sense of familiarity. Both you and your children will have favorites, so use music to make the hotel room feel more like home.

Don’t live out of your suitcase. If you are staying for longer than 2 or 3 days, unpack your suitcases. This will be less frustrating, will keep your clothes unwrinkled, and keep everything in its place.

Take your pet with you. Find out if your hotel allows pets and take your fur baby with you. Nothing says home like your pet’s friendly face or happy purrs.

These things should make your hotel room feel like home, no matter where you are.