Blinds or Shades – What to Go With?

Window treatment should be one of the first things you decide to decorate when you are designing a room, as it is an attention drawer from the moment you walk in. Window treatments can be a difficult thing to choose, as there are a huge amount of options between the two most dominant categories, shades and blinds.

You should first consider what it is you desire to achieve with a window treatment, this would simplify things for you. Are you looking for efficiency in energy? Would you like to privatize your room? Minimize obstruction of view while allowing adequate sunlight? Various types of shades or blinds will be able to get you what it is you desire for that particular room. It’s good to understand what it is you are dealing with before you make your decision.


There are vertical and horizontal slats that rotate accordingly to control things like air and sunlight that can enter a room. When you feel like having ample air enter your room and have a view of the outside, blinds can be completely pulled to the side (for vertical blinds) or up (for horizontal blinds), there are also cordless options out there. Blinds are made out of different materials, vinyl, aluminium, composite wood, faux wood and also green materials such as bamboo.


Wood blinds and faux wood blinds are the most popular out there. Lets have a look at some of the options

  • Vertical blinds- these blinds are easy to control light and privacy. Available in a large array of colours, usually fabric or vinyl, they are perfect for large windows or doors that lead to a patio.
  • Shutters- they resemble more of a piece of furniture than a blind or anything like that due to their solid nature. They usually have a control on the inside that allows for the shutter to rotate and allow light in.
  • Wood/faux wood blinds- they come stained or painted and in different types of wood such as maple, oak or bamboo. You can opt for faux wood which is cheaper than real wood, however real wood gives that warm feeling making it a more cozy option.
  • Mini-blinds- these blinds are very durable and come in thousands of colours. There horizontal and usually aluminium. They also come in vinyl slat which are very cheap.


Shades are made of woven woods or fabrics, and they don’t have louvers that rotate like blinds do to allow light in. Rather they open up from both ends, bottom or top to allow for light to come in or control the privacy.


There are various types available, and here are a few.

  • Bamboo/Woven wood shades- these are natural materials that ad a real touch of elegance and stylized. Though fragile than other types, they are very desired for their aesthetics.
  • Roller shades- they come in print and solid fabrics with a range of modern to traditional looks. Additions such as tassels can be added for a more stylized look. These are usually very popular in conjunction with solar screen fabrics.
  • Pleated shades- a piece of material and with options of unique fabrics, they come in standard or with no holes; so you can’t see through the fabric. They come available in a large variety of colours and textures.


Ultimately you have to see what kind of control you think each individual room would suit your desires , and then make your decision based on that. For example the two rooms on the second floor of your home would have similar lighting situations, so you could use the same treatment for both and then on the ground floor it may be different, but it looks ok because their is a uniformity to them. If your looking for the best blinds company Toronto has to offer, make sure to get a free consultation before you purchase at Toronto Blinds Pros.

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