7 Benefits of Green Roofs for Both the Public and Individuals

Green roofs have become a bit of a trend and it is not a bad thing. Green roofs have a lot of benefits for the public and individuals. Hotels, skyscrapers, and other buildings have all started creating green roofs. New buildings in some countries start their design with a green roof in mind. So, what exactly are the benefits of green roofs? Let’s have a look.

1. Aesthetics in public areas

Green roofs and urban greening, in general, helps to beautify cities and create better investment opportunities.

2. Improved stormwater management

Green roofs store rainwater and slow down the rate at which stormwater runoff occurs. It also regulates the temperature of the water that it stores. All of this takes some pressure of the stormwater system during peak flow periods.

3. Heat moderation

Plants on vertical and horizontal surfaces have the ability to help cool down a city through their natural evaporation cycles.

4. Better quality of air

Green roofs help to clear the air. They capture airborne pollutants and can also filter noxious gasses. They have the potential to decrease the amount of C02 in the atmosphere and as a result, reduce carbon footprints.

5. Job creation

Creating green roofs creates new job opportunities. Manufacturing, gardening, building, watering, maintenance, etc. are all things that create opportunities for jobs. They may even require the invention of new job titles.

6.Houses and hotels are more energy efficient

Because of the temperature regulating effects of a green roof, less energy will be used to control the room temperatures. A lot of heat gets lost through the roof in winter and a lot of heat is created by the roof in summer. A green roof will make these heat losses and gains less drastic.

7. Reduces noise

A green roof reduces the noise from outside. It is great for absorbing background noise and creating a quieter environment.

Clearly, green roofs are things that should be considered to help reduce our effects on the planet. Not only do they help the environment and reduce pollution and energy use, but they also allow for a better inside temperature and calmer home or hotel experience.