6 Insider Tips to Help You Get Started With Your Landscaping Project

Landscaping can make a property look like a million dollars without costing that much. It is a must for hotels who want to offer relaxation and an escape for their guests. You can also landscape your home garden with a few simple steps. Landscaping offers many options and designs and you can decide which design gives the feel that you want for your guests or your home.

Professional landscapers gave us some inside tips and tricks.

You need a tarp. A tarp is multi-purpose and you will be grateful you have it. You can use it to remove debris like leaves and twigs. You can shovel soil on it to make removal easier. You can even use it to cover plants during transportation to protect them.

When to use weed fabric. Weed fabric is good for covering areas where you want to use pebbles or gravel as a walkway. The weed fabric will prevent the material to sink into the soil. Don’t use it in planted areas as the weeds will inevitably start growing on top anyway.

Create a natural edge around beds. Skip the plastic or metal edges and rather go for a natural edge. This reduces the amount of maintenance needed and it also looks very nice. It can help create the look and feel you want.

Use starter fertilizer when you start planting. Starter fertilizer is a good success policy. It contains all the things your plants need to grow well and it also feeds the surrounding soil. This helps to make the soil rich with everything the roots need.

Buy good quality gardening tools. The most high-end tools may not be the best for home gardening, but for professional landscaping, it should be considered. Aim to buy good quality tools at a good value. You want tools that will last for a few years and not just a few weeks.

Keep the leaves as mulch. Don’t take leaves to the landfill. Rather use them as a light fertilizer for grass and vegetable patches. They are good for making mulch.

This is the start of your landscaping adventure. Make sure you know what you want the design to look like and which flower and plants you want where. Planning is essential for landscaping success.